HPB — Highway to DeFi

Xiaoming Wang, Founder and CEO of HPB:

“HPB is a fast-growing blockchain that leads blockchain innovation globally. Our strength lies in our ability to combine built-in software and a dedicated hardware accelerator for ultimate speed and security, allowing blockchain to come up with more useful applicaitons.”

Randomness is necessary whenever you need security. Whenever you want secure communication, a cryptographic key must be generated. It has to be generated randomly so that nobody can easily guess it…

If someone can predict these numbers, they can listen to your conversation.

“Every electronic device needs randomness and needs a lot of it,” Marcin Pawłowski at the University of Gdańsk stated that, “Randomness is necessary whenever you need security.”

HPB’s Decentralized Hardware Random Number Generator

HPB’s HRNG is the security guard for DeFi applications, which have the advantage of low gas fee, high speed (Peak 10000 TPS), while being compatible with Ethereum Smart Contracts, offering all developer languages and simple integration trough ethVM.

In our daily life, Random numbers serves as an important medium for any fair and secure system.

Existing random number generators perfectly avoid some potential problems on random numbers’ randomness, uncontrollability and unpredictability, but the lack of security and verifiable fairness still need to be improved.

Meanwhile, HPB Hardware Random Number Generator has an inbuild incentive mechanism to prevent collusion and attacks. More specifically, in the HPB random number generation, all the nodes are the producers of random numbers, while the smart contract and external API calls are the consumers of random numbers. Guaranteeing the fairness of random numbers, this multi-stakeholder involvment ensures on-chain verification to prevent random numbers from being manipulated or tampered with. Also the inbult incentive mechanism allows both random generators and consumers to obtain rewards by helping to maintain the random service.

As an innovative blockchain, combining software and hardware for ultimate speed and security, HPB proposes a distributed and verifiable hardware random number solution with a well-designed incentive mechanism.

For the first time, HPB achieves the perfect combination of software and hardware to generate random numbers, and applies it directly on the blockchain.

The HPB hardware random number generator (HRNG) generates random numbers from a physical process.

HRNG senses tiny variances in voltage (as little as 0.00001 volts) within an Analog-to-Digital Converter in the BOE. This ever-changing figure is used to help generate the random string of 256 digits and letters added to each new block.

HPB hardware random numbers not only have the uncontrollable and unpredictable advantages of the traditional hardware random numbers, but also has the characteristics of decentralized incentives, cross-chain, distributed service,transparency, and verifiability.

“HPB HRNG can be applied to various decentralized businesses, including DeFi, On-chain games,On-chain lotteries, and the HRNG will act as a security cornerstone for DApps. Now there are already some DApps using HPB HRNG for more secure random number sources. For example, the star DeFi project, Nest Protocol, is already deployed on HPB MainNet. Besides, We are also exploring HRNG’s integration with internet products.” — Jason Hu, HPB Partner.

About HPB (High Performance Blockchain)

HPB is a revolutionary permissionless blockchain architecture solving todays blockchain shortcomings through a unique combination of dedicated hardware and software. Committed to becoming the world’s highest performing blockchain platform, HPB will pave the way for the blockchain technology revolution for businesses and consumers alike.

HPB MainNet One-Year Anniversary 2019